Phoenix Suns Have What Washington Wizards Need to Make Playoffs

By Marcel Davis
Injured Washington Wizards
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With few impact players present in both free agency and the 2013 NBA Draft, a trade is the best way for the Washington Wizards to improve their roster. The perfect trade partner for Washington is the Phoenix Suns, as both teams possess something that the other desperately needs.

For Phoenix, that is draft picks and young players, as a massive rebuilding job is desperately needed for a team that, outside of the Charlotte Bobcats, is the least talented in the league.

Their best players are Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat, serving as reserves on their previous teams illustrates this fact.

Truth be told, there isn’t anyone logging minutes on Phoenix’s roster that could catapult Washington into the playoffs next season.

There is someone patrolling Phoenix’s sidelines, though, that could. That someone is Aaron Nelson, Phoenix’s head athletic trainer. Nelson and his staff of trainers (Mike Elliott, Tom Maystadt and Tyler Wallace) are renowned around the league for keeping players healthy.

Grant Hill, Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire all benefited from the Suns’ famed training staff in their time in Phoenix and their deteriorating health since leaving further endorses this staff.

If the Wizards can swing a deal to acquire the Suns’ training staff, you can pencil them into the playoffs right now.

This is because Washington already has the makings of a 2014 playoff team, if healthy. The 2013 Wizards were marred by injury as John Wall, Nene, Bradley Beal and Trevor Ariza all spent significant time on game days donning suits instead of Wizards jerseys.

Nonetheless, with just Wall, Washington was able to go 24-25 in 2013. Prorate this record over a full season and Washington replaces the Milwaukee Bucks as the eight-seed in the Eastern Conference.

If that doesn’t show you that health is, most often, the determining factor in team success than just look at the 2013 Los Angeles Lakers for proof. In the NBA, the quality of players on a given roster determines the championship contenders, while the health of players determines the playoff contenders.

This makes Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton, Kevin Seraphin and this year’s first-round pick all worth dealing for Phoenix’s training staff.

While they are composed of individuals who won’t log a minute or incite a cheer, they are an acquisition that would bring playoff basketball back to the Verizon Center.


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