Bobcats vs. Hornets: Which Nickname Makes More Sense for Charlotte NBA Franchise?

By Taylor Sturm
Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats have announced that they will revert back to their old nickname “the Hornets” after the New Orleans Hornets decided to change their name to “the Pelicans.” Both teams are trying to sever ties with the old names of their teams and begin a new era of NBA basketball, but Charlotte has a long way to go compared to New Orleans if they want to distance themselves from the train wreck that was the Bobcats.

The Hornets is obviously the better choice when it comes to nicknames for the Charlotte team, because there is such a large amount of negativity surrounding the Bobcats name and franchise.

The Bobcats were rarely anything but a bad team, and had only one playoff appearance in their entire history. There are very few positive things to say about this Charlotte team, except that the location is perfect for an NBA team. This is the type of reputation that an NBA team looking for success needs to distance themselves from.

The Hornets were a great NBA team back in the day. They were a regular fixture in the playoffs and produced some great NBA players. The name change will bring back nostalgic memories of the past NBA success, while also bringing an air of positivity surrounding the Charlotte team’s future.

If Charlotte is to once again become a regular playoff team, the name change will do little to affect that. However, the name change will bring back fans and bring in free agents that could have a profound impact on the future success of the team.

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