Charlotte Bobcats Changing Nicknames in Attempt to Change Ill-Fated Future

By Taylor Sturm
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats didn’t finish this season as team with the worst record in the NBA, but they were the worst team in the NBA by far. They improved a little bit from the past few seasons, but the negative energy surrounding the team has threatened to overwhelm the club.

So, the Bobcats decided to change their name back to the Charlotte Hornets in an attempt to remove some of the negative energy around the team by reflecting on past success.

The Bobcats are changing their name in order to try and begin a new era of basketball in the Charlotte area. They have young upcoming stars in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Kemba Walker, and will likely get a top pick in the 2013 NBA Draft — in short, they are getting a little better each year. There are positive signs for a team that only won seven games a few seasons ago.

The name change is an attempt to change a future where no free agents want to play for Charlotte and make sure that the Bobcats don’t start losing fans so quickly that they have to do something else drastic like move to Seattle.

Don’t expect the drastic change that the Oklahoma City Thunder experienced after drafting Kevin Durant, but expect the Bobcats to truly believe they can change their reputation from the NBA’s biggest joke to a decent NBA team. The nickname change will bring a fresh positive attitude to Charlotte and will hopefully allow them to compete for a playoff spot in a few years.

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