LeBron James: Knee Injury Frustrating For Dwyane Wade

By Vytis Lasaitis
Wade LeBron
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Dwyane Wade has struggled with a bruised knee for a while now, and LeBron James has seen the frustration grow in his fellow superstar. The way the Miami Heat have played this season, the biggest hurdle on their way to another championship seems to be Wade’s knee and not an actual opponent.

James talked to the media on Tuesday and, according to Chris Tomasson’s sulia, said:

“We got another series. I know it’s been frustrating because he’s nowhere near 100 percent,” James said.

While Wade has been bothered by his injury, he did play well in Game 5 of the Chicago Bulls series. After briefly leaving the game to re-tape his knee, Dwyane returned and gave the Heat a huge lift, which eventually allowed the NBA champions to close out their opponents. This is something James noticed as well.

“I think Game 5 gave him a little bit of ease knowing that he can still be who he is. He hasn’t had a Eurostep in about three weeks. So to see him to do a Eurostep to a floater, his two probably best moves in his career… let him know that he can be who he is,”  James said.

It was truly a nostalgic moment when Wade made the excellent Eurostep move against the Bulls. It is that kind of offensive creativity paired with his ability to explode to the basket that makes Wade so important to the Heat. If his knee ends up limiting him to the point at which he cannot be aggressive with the ball in his hands, he turns into more of a spot-up shooter, and we all know that Wade spotting up is a bad idea.


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