Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Did Chris Paul Help Force Vinny Del Negro Decision?

By Paul Seaver
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

On Tuesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Clippers made the decision not to retain head coach Vinny Del Negro for next season.

With a new coaching search now opening up, the Clippers better find the right decision or they can pretty much say goodbye to their hopes of keeping Chris Paul.

According to CBSSports‘ Ken Berger, Paul was not a fan of Del Negro and that’s quite the influence for a free agent guard to have:

It’s interesting, but not shocking. Los Angeles may have been letting Del Negro go regardless of what Paul thought of him. In fact, there were surely other reasons. However, Paul is set to be a free agent this summer and the fact that the Clippers are listening to advice from him considering they aren’t even sure he will be a member of the team next season says a lot.

Paul could say what he want, tell Los Angeles what he thinks would give them the best chance of keeping him, but then still book it.

Regardless, Los Angeles needs to exactly that — give the team the best chance of retaining the All-Star point guard. One name that Berger touched upon was Golden State Warriors‘ assistant coach Michael Malone:

The Clippers have the city of Los Angeles as their selling point and a team that earned the No. 4 seed in the Western Conference this past season is pretty impressive, if they can convince Paul to re-sign of course.


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