What Should the Cleveland Cavaliers Do If They Win the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery?

By Paul Seaver
David Richard-USA Today Sports

On Tuesday, May 21, the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery will take place and we will find out which ways the balls will bounce and who they will bounce in favor of. For more information on the time, TV schedule and team percentages, click here.

So, what should the Cleveland Cavaliers do if they win the lottery on Tuesday night? Well, there is already talk that even if the Cavaliers don’t win the No. 1 overall pick that they may be interested in trading up to get there. The reason behind that move is Kentucky freshman center Nerlens Noel.

The Cavaliers need to bolster their front line, especially on the defensive end and there is nobody better at providing that type of impact that Noel — even though he is out until at least Christmas as he recovers from a torn ACL. With all this being said, it’s obvious what Cleveland would probably do if they win the draft lottery on Tuesday night — they’d draft Noel at No. 1 overall.

This is a fine line — or at least it should be for the Cavaliers. If Cleveland doesn’t win the lottery with their 156 potential combinations, they might need to re-think their strategy. As you can read in the above link, Cleveland has four picks in this year’s NBA Draft and trading most or even all four of them to move up to No. 1 is simply not worth it.

Everything aside heading into Tuesday night, the plan should be a simple one for the Cavaliers. If they win the lottery, Noel should be the pick at No. 1. If not, re-adjust and look for either Otto Porter Jr. or Alex Len.


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