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5 Reasons Why Charlotte Bobcats are Right to Change Nickname

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5 Reasons Why Charlotte Bobcats are Right to Change Nickname

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The Charlotte Bobcats are changing their name to the “Charlotte Hornets” after the New Orleans Hornets dropped the Hornets name in favor of the “New Orleans Pelicans”. Changing their name was the best thing that has happened to the Bobcats in a long time and an excellent decision by the organization.

Charlotte has had bad seasons over the past few years, including one season that they only won seven games. The Bobcats have been one of the worst teams in the history of the NBA only making the playoffs once in their short history. The Bobcats are considered the worst team in the NBA even though the Orlando Magic finished the regular season with a worse record.

The “Hornets” have a potentially bright future in the NBA – repeated top-three picks (including one this season) have led to that. Kemba Walker is a budding NBA star who led the Bobcats in scoring and assists this season and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist made NBA second team All-Rookie after a fairly good first year for Charlotte. These two players can form the basis for a strong future team, especially if Charlotte picks well again in the NBA Draft.

The Bobcats, or Hornets as they will now be named, needed some sort of positive energy surrounding their team. Charlotte has been bad for so long that there is a negativity surrounding the entire organization that needs to be erased if they are to move forward.

Here are five reasons that the Bobcats were right to change their name to the Hornets:

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No. 5 Recent Record

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The Bobcats are known for losing records. If Charlotte can win more games as “the Hornets,” their recent losing ways will slowly become a distant memory.

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No. 4 Fan Base

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No one wants to be the No. 1 fan of a team that struggles to win year after year. The Bobcats started losing fans because of their poor play, but a name change synonymous with a storied past will start to bring them back.

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No. 3 History

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The Charlotte Hornets of the late 80s and early 90s were a regular fixture in the NBA playoffs. This team wants to emulate their past and try to live up to the “Hornets” name

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No. 2 Free Agents

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It’s hard to entice talented free agents to your team when you have a reputation for being terrible. The name change will allow Charlotte a new beginning.

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No. 1 Reputation

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Let’s face it: the Charlotte Bobcats had a terrible reputation. They seemed to always lose, and their record will forever be stained by the seven-win season. However, the Charlotte Hornets have no such record.