Los Angeles Clippers Had No Choice But To Fire Vinny Del Negro

By John Raffel
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Vinny Del Negro has proven himself as an NBA coach. He has proven that he can take a team to the playoffs. If you’re looking for a team to go to the playoffs, Del Negro is your man.

But if you want him to take the squad deep into the playoffs, perhaps all the way to the top, Del Negro is not your man.

That’s ultimately why the Los Angeles Clippers decided to let him go.

It’s hard off hand to see anyone who could do much better of a job than Del Negro. The Clippers were the No. 4 team in a very competitive West Conference. He did all he could do and ran into a strong Memphis Grizzlies team in the playoffs.

But he just didn’t know how his team could win at playoff time. He had the franchise player, Chris Paul, who was leading the way. But Del Negro doesn’t have the Clippers at the point where they can legitimately go for the NBA title.

Paul is a free agent and the Del Negro firing probably will help the Clippers keep him. It’s more essential for the Clippers to keep Paul rather than Del Negro

In the end, Paul is far more valuable to the team than Del Negro. That’s why Vinny had to go. It’s not that he’s ineffective as a coach. He certainly has many things going for him and will be a good skipper for whoever decides to hire him. But your best player needs to feel good about the head coach. The fact that Paul was not happy meant a change needed to be made.

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