Sacramento Kings Need To Select Point Guard C.J. McCollum

By John Raffel
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The bet right now for the Sacramento Kings is that when they pick seventh in the NBA draft, C.J. McCollum of Lehigh will have his name called.

By that time, the Kings, looking for a point guard, will realize McCollum is the best guard that hasn’t been picked yet.

The Kings like McCollum’s scoring ability. The one kick against him will be the fact he played at Lehigh and did not see the best competition in the world. The Kings’ box score needs some extra firepower and McCollum could provide that. While Demarcus Cousins could be counted upon to catch fire, the other players were inconsistent at times and did not supplement Cousins scoring touch the way they needed to on a regular basis.

There’s on-and-off talk about the Kings trading Cousins, whose on-the-court and off-the-court tirades were giving coaches and general managers headaches. If he is gone, McCollum would be needed more than ever to throw his firepower into the mix.

Everyone worries about rookie guards in the NBA and how well they’ll play defense. McCollum will now be guarding some very fine talent, not just the opponents that play Leigh. That will be a key project for Kings’ coaches. But the bet here is that he’ll catch on very quickly from a defensive standpoint. If that’s the case, the Kings are likely to have a rookie who will be among the best in the league. McCollum could prove to be one of the best scoring rookies in the NBA in several seasons. The Kings have to be ready to take a chance on him.


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