2013 NBA Playoffs: Indiana Pacers Center Roy Hibbert Needs to Move On From End of Game 1

By Dan Parzych
(Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports)

By now, just about everybody knows how Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals ended between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers as LeBron James cruised in for the game-winning layup in overtime as time expired–leaving the question of what were the Pacers thinking not having Roy Hibbert in the game when the play took place?

Hibbert is the type of player you want playing under the basket in these types of situations and considering Indiana had nobody by the basket when James went in for the game winner, it’s safe to say the Pacers certainly could have used Hibbert on the court instead of on the bench. The decision to keep Hibbert on the bench has been one of the most popular topics since the end of Game 1 and even the center has chimed in on the matter–but it’s time for both Hibbert and the Pacers to just move on by letting it go.

No matter what they say or do, nothing will change what happened at the end of Game 1 and the last thing the Pacers need to have happen is carry their frustration over to Game 2 against the Heat. If anything, Indiana should focus on the most important factor of Game 1–which is this team has what it takes to compete with Miami to represent the Eastern Conference in this year’s NBA Finals.

The 2013 NBA playoffs have been exciting to watch so far and this series will most likely go down to the wire–which means the Pacers will have numerous chances to redeem themselves after Game 1.

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