P.J. Carlesimo's Take On Brooklyn Nets Winning Championship By 2015

By Mike B. Ruiz
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

On Thursday, former Brooklyn Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts on owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s expectation to bring a championship to the borough by 2015.

Carlesimo stated in a conference call that he doesn’t “know if that’s totally realistic the way the roster is right now.” He also added “but if that’s on your plate that you need to win a championship in two years, I think that makes it a little challenging.”

As much as Nets fans don’t want to hear it, Carlesimo is completely right.

Winning a championship by 2015 won’t just be a regular-sized tall order for this franchise. It’s going to be a Shawn Bradley-sized order for a number of reasons.

The most powerful factor limiting Brooklyn’s title aspirations has to be exactly what Carlesimo eluded to – the current roster. While the Nets don’t lack star power in their dynamic trio of Deron Wiliams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson, what they do lack is consistent 3-point shooting to spread the floor and make them more balanced offensively.

Brooklyn is also in desperate need of a sixth man that can create his own shot and put up points in a heartbeat on a nightly basis. Marshon Brooks was expected to take on that role coming into this season, but his ineptitude on the defensive end had him in and out of the rotation all year. Who knows if that will ever change?

Being as far over the salary cap as the Nets are, it’s going to be extremely difficult for them to land a solid bench scorer through free agency. It’s likely that their only hope will be in striking gold either through the draft or some sort of trade.

Even if the Nets do make improvements to their roster, they’ll need to prove that they can actually beat the Miami Heat, who have downright owned them over the last few years.

Until all that happens, Carlesimo will be absolutely correct.

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