Utah Jazz Must Push For Superstar Talent

By Wola Odeniran


JD Mercer- USA Today Sports

The Utah Jazz had a tough end to their season missing the playoffs with a 43-39 record, but one would argue that it was for the best. The NBA is a tough place to find talent, especially if you are a small market team. The last thing the Jazz want to do is find themselves in a situation where the team is good, but not good enough.

If you are an NBA team, you want to be in a situation where either you are obviously at the top or at the bottom where you have the chance to get star talent in the draft. The Jazz know that all too well with obtaining legends such as Karl Malone and John Stockton in the draft lottery. But there are other times, even when the deck is stacked against the team, that the organization should take chances in superstar talent the hard way, which is free agency.

Let’s face it, the team has never won a championship. Yes, they have had a winning record in 25 out of the last 28 years, which is an incredible feat in professional sports in itself. But they have always been in the land of good, but not good enough more times than not. Fighting for the championship in 1997 and 1998 and coming up short both times were the true legitimate times where the Jazz had a chance to cement their legacy among the great organizations in NBA history.

With point guard Chris Paul and Dwight Howard looking for a championship, could the Jazz make a move for them? Its not up for debate whether or not they should. It is a must regardless of if those players want to come to the Jazz or not. Point guard Mo Williams is a free agent this offseason and the team has no solution to his replacement on the roster. They are in a similar situation with center Al Jefferson, who is coming off the books as well.

But even though the Jazz are not considered real threats for a championship, they have some wiggle room this offseason to make the moves that can change the landscape of the league.

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