2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Under Fire

By andRe Christos Helios
Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

The Miami Heat fell short of a victory in Game 2. Any objective person acknowledges that the Indiana Pacers should be leading the series 2-0. Nevertheless, the Pacers managed to even the series 1-1, winning Game 2 in Miami.

So much for having home-court advantage.

With Game 3 shifting to Pacers’ territory, should the Heat be worried? Absolutely. The Pacers already made it clear that they consider the Heat to be “another team”. In their mind, they can eliminate the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Actions speak louder than words. In Game 1, the Pacers played with the mentality that they can beat the Heat. Whether you’re a Heat fan or not, the Pacers have potential to beat the Heat and the way they played said just that.

Although they didn’t secure a win in Game 1, the Pacers managed to steal Game 2. Again, should the Heat should be concerned? Yes. Why? The Pacers now have an edge over the Heat. They started Game 1 with the momentum that they can beat the Heat. They nearly won Game 1, but managed to win Game 2 — that alone has boosted the Pacers’ confidence.

Game 3 will be played on Pacers’ turf. This means one thing: the Pacers’ momentum has increased. In the Pacers’ mind, if they stole a game on the road, they can definitely secure a win at home. The energy will be phenomenal, the game will be intense and the Heat will have their hands full.

What does this mean for LeBron James and the Heat?  There is no time for blunders. Dwyane Wade has to put up more numbers, and James cannot commit turnovers. This Indiana Pacers team is not the short-handed Chicago Bulls, which means the Pacers are going to play hard every game and if the Heat don’t play harder, it will be an early summer for Miami.

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