Brooklyn Nets: Scott Skiles Would Be Worst Nets Could Do

By Mike B. Ruiz
Jeff Hanisch-USA Today Sports

The idea of Scott Skiles being a candidate for the Brooklyn Nets job should strike pure fear into the team’s most loyal fans.

Upon hearing/reading his name potentially being linked to the job recently, the proper response for the Nets faithful had to be to simply walk away from the computer or television.

Yes, hiring him would be that bad.

As a highly-experienced coach of 13 years in the NBA with the Phoenix SunsChicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks, Skiles has compiled an overall record of 443-433. Technically, he is a winning coach, but only 10 games over the .500 mark is nothing to actually pursue if you intend to be a serious championship contender for the next few years the way the Nets do.

That’s really all it boils down to. This isn’t an awful coach who has no idea what he’s doing, but this is, however, a coach who doesn’t wow the league by any means, which is exactly what Brooklyn is aiming to accomplish after building that sparkling new arena and spending over $300 million on players last summer.

He has been well regarded for defensive schemes, but his lack of offensive creativity has always been his ultimate downfall.

Also, the postseason has not been friendly at all to Skiles and that would be highly problematic for a Nets team whose owner has openly stated the goal of winning a championship by 2015. In all of his years on the job, Skiles has never taken a team past the second round of the playoffs.

Could it get even scarier for a Nets fan?

Yes. Just to add on for good measure, this is also a man that isn’t afraid of quitting on a team. Skiles resigned just 32 games into the season. And it’s not like the team was a dismal 1-15 or anything. They were 16-16.

Hopefully the Nets realize all of this before they actually do hire Skiles and dive back into the pool of irrelevance.

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