Orlando Magic Like Nikola Vucevic's Potential For 2013-14 Season

By John Raffel
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic are still contemplating who they’ll pick No. 2 in the NBA draft. There’s obviously no major rush since June 27 is a month away and the Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick.

A major goal this offseason for the Magic will be to strengthen the inside game, led by Nikola Vucevic who had a fine sophomore season, but wasn’t happy that the Magic wound up with the worst record in the NBA.

Vucevic obviously realizes he won’t solve the Magic’s problems by himself. That’s what makes the No. 2 pick so critical. But Vucevic is hoping he can expand on his own season, be more consistent and put himself in the position to grab a key rebound or score a critical basket that may win five to 10 more ball games for the Magic next season.

Orlando management would like to say it wants to return to the playoffs right away. That won’t happen in 2013-14, but it could happen within two or three years if Vucevic becomes even more of a dominant player, and the Magic add the right amount of talent to make it a much more well-rounded team compared to this season.

When Orlando coaches review game tape from this season, perhaps the most amazing stat on Vucevic is that he started all 77 games in which he appeared, and he averaged 33.2 minutes per game that was more than doubled from his rookie season with Philadelphia.

Vucevic will continue to work on his aggressiveness. The Magic were hurting with the inside game last year and they need a strong season from Vucevic to make it better.


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