2013 NBA Draft: Alex Len Might Be Perfect Fit For Sacramento Kings

By John Raffel
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are picking seventh in the 2013 NBA Draft and some of draft boards have Maryland‘s Alex Len, the 7-foot-1, 225-pound sophomore, as the No. 7 guy.

Would he be a perfect fit for Sacramento? That depends on the personnel that the  Kings decide to bring back, but Len has some strengths that could help the Kings. They’re obviously a franchise that needs help in plenty of areas so Len could be worth giving a solid look. He’s likely to go in the top 10, and the Kings may be foolish to let someone else have him if he’s still available.

Len’s stats at Maryland weren’t overly impressive, and perhaps he should have stayed another year in college. But he did average 26.4 minutes, 11.9 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game while hitting 53.4 percent from the floor and 68.6 percent from the free-throw line.

Inconsistency is the word that is bothering those that are looking at Len. He’s known for being a skilled big man with a good touch around the basket, and the reports also indicate he’s a good perimeter shooter and passer from the post. He also seems to have some good athleticism for his size.

The word on Len is that he would be hard to guard, which obviously makes him a good offensive weapon. His physical size could be used by the Kings to win a lot of ballgames, but he might not emerge as a starter overnight in the NBA.

The Kings will have to work with him, but Len’s potential makes him an attractive prospect.

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