2013 NBA Draft: Portland Trail Blazers May Want To Select Mason Plumlee

By John Raffel
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

They’re picking 10th in the 2013 NBA Draft so the Portland Trail Blazers are looking at all sorts of possibilities right now. If they want a big man, a name that’s been coming up through the ranks lately is 23-year-old Mason Plumlee of Duke, a 7-foot-0, 238-pound power forward. His age and maturity makes him attractive enough, but he does have some drawbacks compared to some of the other big guys in the draft.

On paper, Plumlee is an attractive candidate, having averaged 34.6 minutes 17.1 points, 10.0 rebounds and 1.9 assists, plus 1.4 blocks per game as a senior. He shot 59.9 percent from the floor and 68.1 percent from the charity stripe which isn’t bad for a player of his size.

His strengths are that he’s a good shot blocker and rebounder, an explosive leaper, is very energetic, isn’t afraid to put the ball on the floor and has a good mid-range jump shot.

With all that in mind, it makes one wonder why Plumlee would still be available when the Blazers are drafting. Right now, he’s considered mostly as a backup rather than as a starter, but in the NBA, backups are getting a lot of minutes.

For Plumlee, the key will be how fast he can learn the game and get into the NBA mold. He’s just as solid as some of the other big men listed ahead of him.

The Blazers need to give him a good look because a player with his background is going to come in handy many times in one season.

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