Charlotte Bobcats Should Consider Jannero Pargo As Starter Next Season

By John Raffel
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

If the Charlotte Bobcats bring in a rookie guard next season, they should seriously consider, at least early in the season, giving Jannero Pargo some starting time.

That might sound like a bold move for a guy who signed a series of free agent contracts last year just to stay with the team, but it all depends on the personnel the Bobcats have coming back.

Pargo, in his 18 NBA games with the team last year, showed a tremendous amount of progress. His performances with the Bobcats were superior to his stints with any other team during the 2012-13 season.

When the Bobcats picked Pargo up, they were badly in need of his services, and he saw action in 18 games for 16.2 minutes per game. He shot 40.1 percent from the floor and 38.2 from 3-point range along with 88.9 percent from the charity stripe.

It was just 18 games, but Pargo showed some life for the Bobcats that they didn’t get from any other players during the course of the season. The Bobcats are looking to build with younger players, which is fine, but they’re going to need more than just a handful of youngsters to take this team to another level. It will take veterans like Pargo who have been around and know the ins and outs of the game to not only show the rookies how it’s to done, but to also get some things done themselves.

Pargo has shown the Bobcats he can deliver, so why not as a starter? The Bobcats have nothing to lose by at least trying it early in the season.

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