Mark Cuban Sets Two Year Plan For Dallas Mavericks to Return As Championship Contenders

By Paul Seaver
Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

The Dallas Mavericks concluded the 2012-13 season on the outside of the eight team Western Conference playoff bracket, missing the postseason for the first time in 12 years.

Mark Cuban however, is ready to put his next plan into motion, and he believes that a two-year window is all that is necessary for a “quick rebuild.”

Cuban spoke with ESPN Dallas 103.3 over the weekend and he broke down his plans moving forward — and of course they begin with both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. We know that Paul and Howard are the two most coveted free agents in this year’s class and the thought of one team capturing both of them is not as farfetched as you’d think. Howard has already expressed interest in a few teams, including Dallas, while Paul has been a bit more mum on his thoughts — although, he may have had an indirect hand in the Los Angeles Clippersdecision to let head coach Vinny Del Negro go.

Either way, Cuban hopes to pitch that exact plan to free agents, especially Howard and Paul. If Dallas is only two years away from being a legitimate contender for years to come, some available players might be interested. And let’s be serious, the addition of both Paul and Howard or even one of the two would be a major boost, especially in Dirk Nowitzki‘s eyes.

Cuban knows that the Mavericks can have the salary cap space to not only make significant improvements this off-season, but then once again in 2014. So it’s not that Cuban believes that the Mavericks need two years — the additions of both Howard and Paul would surely have Dallas in the race — but that is at a worse case scenario.

It’s an interesting strategy and one that could make sense for Cubans and the Mavericks. We will just have to wait and see how that plan pushes forward beginning in July.


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