Oklahoma City Thunder Need One Additional Scorer Next Season

By Jared Porter
Kevin Martin will be free agent
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It was painfully clear the Oklahoma City Thunder were missing scoring options in their short playoff run this year. Even though many of their offensive problems will be fixed with a healthy Russell Westbrook returning next season, the Thunder organization needs to acquire one more shooter to get them over the hump and win an NBA championship.

Current sixth-man guard Kevin Martin will be a free agent this summer and it may not be in the Thunder’s best interest to re-sign him. He was given the unfair task of filing the void of former Thunder Sixth Man of the Year James Harden and in some ways, he did okay. But overall, he was not the scoring force the Thunder needed in the playoffs.

Martin matched his regular season point average in the playoffs with 14 per game, but it came off of dismal 38-percent shooting. He had trouble playing consistent for both halves of games, and even had a few 1-11 nights in which he did not help the team out at all.

The Thunder will have a few options going into the offseason. With Martin becoming a free agent, they can part ways and find another shooting guard to fill his place. Martin was paid $12.8 million this season, so the Thunder will have some money to play with while trying to find someone else to come off the bench.

Some intriguing prospects that will be free agents this offseason include J.J. ReddickJ.R. SmithMarco BelinelliO.J. Mayo and many others.

The Thunder’s offseason has the potential to be very interesting, and hopefully they will be able to find a piece to the puzzle that sets them up for an NBA title run next season.

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