2103 NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings Would Love Drafting Victor Oladipo

By John Raffel
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are picking seventh in the NBA draft and probably wont have their favorite pick still on the board available by then. But they could always hope.

Most NBA observers are picking Victor Oladipo to go as high as third and as low as 11th. Most are predicting fourth. The Kings are crossing their fingers that the six teams ahead of them will find other players they like. They wouldn’t mind adding a shooting guard of his talents to their already strong group of guards that could help them put a fast and exciting team on the court.

What the Kings and others like about Oladipo is that he’s tough and physical and could hold his own easily in the NBA at this early age. He leaps very well, is a fine rebounder and plays pesky defense. His jump shot is getting better.

What might make six teams decide to pass on Oladipo is that his offense hasn’t been showcased yet to a degree where he could be expected to score points. But if he’s still free at No. 7, the kings would be crazy not to take him and they know it. He has fine abilities as a player around the perimeter, something the Kings lack.

The kings organization, and especially Keith Smart or the skipper who replaces him, will like the fact that Oladipo moves very well without the ball and can be effective without having plays draw up for him. The intensity level he plays with is very impressive.

It would behoove the kings to have an open mind on the list in case someone ahead of them does take Oladipo. He has plenty to offer many teams, but it’s possible he’ll be coming to Sacramento.

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