Houston Rockets: Daryl Morey Is Phenomenal NBA General Manager, Even Better On Twitter

By Jason Weingartner
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets’ fans finally have a young core group to get excited about. The team has been torn down and built back up again by GM Daryl Morey and is beginning to look like a young nucleus that is destined to morph into perennial NBA contenders in the coming years.

The acquisition of James Harden and Omer Asik all while taking chances on young talent like Chandler Parsons has turned the Rockets into a scoring juggernaut.

The statistical analysis haven’t prevented Morey from being effective all while remaining entertaining. He is without a doubt the best NBA front-office personality on Twitter. Here are just a few of Morey’s recent gems:

He was watching the May 22nd Eastern Conference Final’s game featuring the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers and decided to use some potentially questionable language:

Not quite sure “stupefying” is English class-friendly, but we’ll go with it Daryl!

During the Same Heat-Pacers game, he gets a little too excited and loses control of his inner fan-boy:

Love the loyalty to ex-Rocket Shane Battier. Also love that Morey’s excitement causes him to lose track of the digit-count in his fake Twitterized toll-free numbers. I tried dialing 1800-GO-SHANE-GO. In a shocking turn of events, it’s not a working telephone number.

Morey likes to joke about the stupefying (yes, I went there) interview answers he’s received from potential draft picks:

In the always profound words of Rockets’ problem child Royce White– #BeWell guys.

He even mixes it up with Grantland founder Bill Simmons, who recently found himself in the midst of an epic clash with computer producer Lenovo:

Funny, but slightly below the belt. Dealing with lackluster telephone customer service is no laughing matter.

When he’s not hamming it up, he manages to remain poignant and keep things in perspective:

A respectful Memorial Day tweet, and a nice touch by the GM.

Amazingly, these were all posted within the last nine days!

Bravo Daryl, keep it up good Sir!

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