NBA Playoffs 2013: Miami Heat Star LeBron James Fouled Out, What's the Fuss About?

By Paul Seaver
Pat Lovell-USA Today Sports

On Tuesday night, as part of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Indiana Pacers evened things up in the series with a 99-92 victory over the Miami Heat.

One of the major headlines from the Pacers’ Game 4 victory however, was that LeBron James fouled out. Dwyane Wade was also in foul trouble, ending the game with a debatable travel call with under 30 seconds to play, as well. The inconsistencies in the referees’ calls and the debate about whether or not James and the Heat have a reason to be upset is one that will never have a correct answer.

First off however, Tuesday night is about the Pacers. Period. End of story.

Indiana dominated the offensive glass and Chris Bosh had zero answer for Roy Hibbert all night long. So, before the Heat complain about the officiating, let’s understand that that isn’t the determining factor in a basketball game. Could it be one? Sure, but it’s not the only one.

In addition to that, Miami should be thanking Mario Chalmers, who scored 20 points on Tuesday night and was the team’s second leading scorer in Game 4. If Chalmers doesn’t have one of his better games of the postseason, the Heat may have been virtually blown out.

Going back to the LeBron situation though, the league’s MVP was called for a moving screen and it was a touchy situation late in the game. It draws so much attention because you don’t want to see the referees dictate things late in the contest. But here’s the situation, LeBron moved — it was an offensive foul. With that being said, I don’t think that it should have been called, but it was and there’s evidence to support it.

James fouled out for just the second time in his NBA playoff career, but what is the big deal?

Onto the next game.


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