2013 NBA Draft: Top 5 Teams That Should Trade Up on Draft Night

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5 Teams That Should Trade Up on Draft Night

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We under a month away from the start of the 2013 NBA Draft and the rumors around the NBA and its off-season are already beginning to swirl. From draft night rumors to open trade possibilities, the intrigue of some of the options that are already being discussed are more than interesting.

Well for now, let's focus on the draft itself and dive into five teams that should move up in this year's field. While the number of game-changers and potential franchise building-blocks are thin, the quality and depth in this draft is obvious. That only means that trades or potential trades are on the upswing.

Even now, it's tough to tell how many teams within the top five are satisfied with their selections in this year's draft. Trades could be aplenty, early and often. Yet there are other organizations that are trying to move up and make some noise, free some cap space and grab some quality players that will allow them to rebuild or reload.

Without further ado, let's dive into some of this analysis and break down five teams that should consider moving up on draft night via trade.

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Golden State Warriors

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As of right now, the Golden State Warriors have zero picks within the 2013 NBA Draft. Now while the franchise could easily sit back and take the night off, it's probably not going to happen. Whether it's late in the second or even as high as the first round, expect the Warriors to be in play on draft night, despite not having any picks. Some reports even indicate that Golden State is already interested in moving into the first round if a pick is available for discussion.

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Los Angeles Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers have only one selection in this year's draft as of right now and that doesn't come until the 18th pick in the second round. Sure, Los Angeles could sit tight and add depth, but after this past season, it's obvious that things need to be shaken up a bit. There biggest trade bait at this point is of course Paul Gasol.

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Los Angeles Clippers

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It's obvious that Eric Bledsoe and probably even DeAndre Jordan are trade bait and while the Clippers remain focused on bringing Chris Paul back during free agency, that doesn't mean they won't be active on draft night. Los Angeles currently owns the No. 26 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, but there's no doubt that they could be interested in moving up within the first round.

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Portland Trailblazers

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It might not be a matter of if, but more so a matter of when the Portland Trailblazers move up in this year's draft. If they do, it would obviously be coming on draft night and as of right now, the Trailblazers currently own the No. 10 overall pick. One of the hotter rumors out there however, is the fact that Portland has already made it clear that they want to move up within the top five and select Indiana guard Victor Oladipo.

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Boston Celtics

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Buckle up Boston fans, this could be a wild off-season. Draft night might be the tipping point for the Boston Celtics' transition forward and despite currently holding the No. 16 pick in this year's field, not many expect Danny Ainge to simply sit tight. Boston should be looking to move up, not because there is dominant value ahead of the No. 16 selection, but simply because they could use another key ingredient moving forward with the uncertain futures of both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett hanging in the balance.