2013 NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings Might Have Chance To Draft Trey Burke

By John Raffel

Sacramento Kings fans realize that at the No. 7 spot for the NBA draft that their favorite team is going to get a very exceptional player. But all sorts of names are floating around, including Trey Burke from Michigan. He’s as big as they come, as far as some Kings fans are concerned.

If the Kings, after the first six draft picks are made, see that Burke is still available, there’s no reason why they should not take him. He has too much talent that he can provide at that guard spot, and if the Kings don’t think that’s their biggest need, they can still acquire inside talent from other sources. A major trade involving DeMarcus Cousins would bring in exceptional talent from the other team, and could give the Kings tremendous strength inside. Burke should provide plenty of talent outside.

Burke made a wise decision to stay in the NCAA ranks for another season. Last year, he probably would have been a second-round pick. That extra year in the college ranks, in which he was player of the year and led his team to the national finals, has made him a very valuable pick for this season. The Kings would think they’re in basketball heaven if he’s available. The talent level with Burke at Sacramento would definitely sky rocket. What the Kings especially like about Burke is the fact that he’s physical and strong, but he also sees the floor very well and directs an offense very effectively. He’s set to be a star. So why not in Sacramento?

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