Memphis Grizzlies Would Be Foolish Not To Re-Sign Lionel Hollins

By Michael Terrill
Memphis Grizzlies Would Be Foolish Not To Re-Sign Lionel Hollins
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies have not given any indication one way or the other if Lionel Hollins will be the head coach next season. However, the fact that the Grizzlies reportedly will not allow teams to contact the free-agent coach until his contract is up on June 30 could mean the organization is seriously considering re-signing him.

There is no question Memphis would be foolish not to bring back the coach that provided them with the best season in franchise history. Hollins led the team to 56 wins and their first trip to the Western Conference Finals. Even though the San Antonio Spurs embarrassed the Grizzlies in the series, at least the team has something to build off of for next season.

The good news is Hollins wants to stay in Memphis for the long haul. There is no question other teams are going to show plenty of interest, specifically the Brooklyn Nets, but if the Grizzlies offer a new contract then Hollins is going to accept. With that being said, if negotiations continue to falter over the next 30 days and a deal is still not reached there is a good chance the 59-year-old will take Brooklyn up on an assumed offer.

It appears the only reason the Grizzles would not re-sign Hollins is because of the tension between the two parties. It has been reported on multiple occasions that Hollins and the new management put in place in Memphis have not got along. Not to mention, Hollins and star Zach Randolph have also struggled to see eye-to-eye. If anything has been learned about the NBA in recent years, it is that players always come first above the head coach. Considering Randolph has a $16.5 million player option for next season, one has to wonder if Memphis is going to risk losing him to free agency by keeping Hollins.

There is a good chance the Grizzlies will not allow other teams to contact Hollins because they have yet to decide if they want to bring in a new head coach. With that being said, re-signing Hollins would be a wise move so that he can continue to take Memphis down the same path of success.

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