Larry Brown Not the Answer For Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Marvin Gentry-USA Today Sports

Of all the coaches that have been mentioned as potential candidates to step in and take over for the Brooklyn Nets next season, there is one that could have an advantage over the others because of a working connection that he had back in the day.

That would be current SMU coach Larry Brown, who was the head coach with the Philadelphia 76ers during the late 1990s through the early 2000s back when current Nets’ general manager Billy King held the same position in Philadelphia. There has been speculation that the successful run they had together, which included a trip to the 2001 NBA Finals, could spark a reunion in Brooklyn.

And even though that doesn’t sound too bad in theory, the Nets still shouldn’t look in Brown’s direction.

Brown has seen it all and done it all at essentially at every level, whether it be the NBA or the NCAA. However, his last two stops at the pro level ended prematurely and extremely disappointingly.

After becoming the highest paid coach in league history in 2005 with the New York Knicks, he only won 23 games in his first season in the Big Apple and was fired. He also got into a number of confrontations with his players.

Then there was his next stop with the Charlotte Bobcats. Brown led them to the playoffs in his second season, but after a 9-19 start in his third year on the job, the two sides went their separate ways, and a number of sources reported that Brown had been fired, despite claiming that he had resigned.

Brown may have an impressive resume, but the last few years have clearly been less than stellar, and those are the ones that he will be judged by. Overlooking him doesn’t come with the stigma that it would’ve many, many years ago.

And rightfully so.

Because of that, the Nets should look elsewhere in their upcoming coaching search.

Brown’s connection with King just shouldn’t cut it.

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