Why Chicago Should Be Mr. Nate Robinson's Neighborhood

By Hollie M. Woods
Nate Robinson
Robert Mayer – USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Nate Robinson posted on Instagram about how much he’ll miss Chicago and how much he appreciated Chicago fans. It came as a real downer to the masses who have come to love this talented, skillful, wildly energetic ball-handler and fans probably can’t bear the thought of losing him to another team.

You would think that nearly 1,000 signatures on a Keep Nate Robinson in Chicago Petition would count for something, shouldn’t it? Why won’t the Chicago Bulls brass let the Windy City be Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood?

Perhaps it’s because they haven’t really internalized some interesting facts. And perhaps, they’ve never really listened to these silent parenthetical voices of reason.

Perhaps, the Bulls don’t realize that they got a better bargain than they could’ve hoped for when they signed Robinson for the veteran’s minimum last year. What a shame it is that the genie of good fortune sent them a bargain and now they want to trade him for a new model that may or may not be even half as productive or durable.

Perhaps the cap-strapped Bulls’ efforts to sign other available free agents would be hampered if they were to re-sign Robinson at a salary commensurate with his worth. What about that rule that says you dance with the guy or girl you’re with? Okay, so we’re not talking about the prom, but with Robinson in the playoffs, the Bulls advanced further this year than last. Robinson should be the priority right now and Marco Belinelli too for that matter.

Perhaps the Bulls don’t understand the team’s need for a fourth point guard with Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and Marquis Teague expected to return healthy.  Have they not heard of the San Antonio Spurs? The Spurs know the importance of a point guard-heavy bench and with five point guards on their roster, look where they’re headed – to the NBA Finals.

Perhaps the 5’9” guy didn’t always make the best decisions on the court. Hey, nobody’s perfect, but when Robinson is at his best he takes over the game with fearless abandonment that is reminiscent of the best point guard performances from Chicago’s past and present – from Jordan to Rose.

The Chicago Bulls should wake up, smell the cappuccinos and not make the same kinds of mistakes that they made last year by trading away valuable players, such as Omer Asik and Kyle Korver.  What will it take for the Bulls to make Chicago Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood?

Hollie M. Woods is a writer for Rant Sports covering the Chicago Bulls and the NBA. “Like” her on Facebook.

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