2013 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Not Sure If Cody Zeller Would Fit Into Lineup

By John Raffel
Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

It’s possible that Cody Zeller could wind up in a Detroit Pistons uniform for the 2013-14 NBA season. If that’s the case, where would they put him?

The selection of Zeller will depend on whom else would be available for the Pistons. There are other players they could use more than Zeller, but the Indiana center may be the best prospect still on the board when it’s Detroit’s turn. If that’s the case, the Pistons may feel obliged to take him and see where he may fit in with the likes of Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.

But that’s the problem — would he fit in?

In today’s NBA world, rotations are used extensively for a 48-minute game. Zeller probably isn’t ready to be a starter with most teams and certainly not the Pistons, unless he shows he’s deserving of that. Chances are, it will take a while for him to make the transition.

Speculation right now is Zeller will go somewhere between six and 12, which puts him in the Pistons’ picking range. If they see he’s available, they have to decide if there’s a future for him in Detroit. What the Pistons would like about Zeller is that he runs the floor nicely and is a good ball handler despite his 7-foot size. He’s a smart player, observers say, and knows how to score around the basket.

How he can handle other tough players he faces remains to be seen, and that’s why Zeller might be a work in progress.

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