2013 NBA Draft: Don't Kid Yourself, Cleveland Cavaliers Have Their Mind Made Up

By Ryan Heckman


Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s fun to speculate, isn’t it? It’s especially interesting when talking about something of the magnitude like the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers were awarded with the surprising result of such a pick by the luck of a young boy at the Draft Lottery. Owner Dan Gilbert sent his son to represent the team and it turned out in their favor.

Many would like to talk about the possibility of the team using the pick on a couple of guys not named Nerlens Noel, but the Kentucky big man is the one and only option for the Cavaliers and they know it.

Ben McLemore will be a good player in this league, as will Otto Porter and Victor Oladipo. All three were phenomenal in college and look ready to take their talents to the next level as they most likely will all go in the top five. However, not one of them is as ready as a guy like Noel, nor do they have the star potential he does.

Noel may not be ready to play until December, but he will be well worth the wait. Point guard Kyrie Irving must be chomping at the bit to get this guy in practice finally. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin representing ‘Lob City,’ Irving and Noel will surely need to start working on a nickname of their own.

This could be a match made in heaven for Gilbert and his franchise. Noel and Irving could make Cleveland soon forget about the once hometown-superstar they had leave them in the dust.

Or, would it be possible that LeBron James takes his talents back to Cleveland to join Irving and Noel in 2014? Now that’s a scary thought.

Whatever happens in 2014, that’s for next year to decide. Right now, the Cavaliers have their mind made up. While it is curious to wonder what their plans are and begin to question ‘what if’ in regards to the possibilities with the number one overall pick, I do not believe Cleveland is wavering on Noel.

Cleveland, are you ready for Christmas to come yet?

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