One Player Philadelphia 76ers Must Avoid in Free Agency

By Michael Terrill
One Player Philadelphia 76ers Must Avoid in Free Agency
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It is certainly tempting for the Philadelphia 76ers to look into re-signing center Andrew Bynum during the 2013 NBA free agency. However, the Pennsylvania team must avoid the illusion at all costs if they want a chance at succeeding next season.

Obviously, a healthy Bynum could do wonders for a team that expected to have his presence around the basket. In fact, he could be a legitimate threat on the inside while shooters Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young continue to dominate on the outside.

With that being said, he is certainly not worth the possible big pay check that is coming his way. It is sad but true that some team will give Bynum a decent dollar amount (even if it is only for one year) despite the seven-footer not suiting up for a single game during the 2012-13 season. Philadelphia must make sure they are not sucked in just because other teams are crazy enough to spend money on an injury prone player.

Former general manager Tony DiLeo stated in early March that Bynum was going to be No. 1 on the team’s list in free agency. However, new general manager Sam Hinkie will not fall under the same spell, even though the team gave up Andrew Iguodala, Nik Vucevic and Moe Harkless for Bynum. Hinkie will most likely offer the 25-year-old a minimal contract. If Bynum believes he can get more somewhere else, then the 76ers will watch him walk without even the slightest feeling of guilt.

Bynum underwent Orthokine treatments on both of his knees before training camp to help heal his arthritis. He has also had a bone bruise on his right knee and then injured his left knee while bowling before the start of the regular season. He was determined to make his 76ers debut after the NBA All-Star break, but that obviously never happened.

The right thing for Bynum to do is re-sign with Philadelphia for a cheaper price then what he believes he is worth. The fact that the 76ers paid him $16.9 million without ever stepping on the court must be justified.

If Bynum decided to do something most basketball players would never consider and take a small chunk of money to play for Philadelphia then it would be wise for the team to go through with re-signing him. There is no other reason besides that where Bynum should be with the 76ers for the 2013-14 season.

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