Flopping Could Potentially Taint LeBron James' Legacy

By Jeremy Hayes
Pat Lovell-USA Today Sports

Before LeBron James fans or Miami Heat fans flip out over this article, know that James is without question the best player in the league right now, and is a great basketball player.

With that being said, James’ flops and flailing in his career may affect his legacy as a whole if he continues to do so.

The NBA, the top basketball stage in the world, has the greatest player in the world in James. The best player in the NBA is doing something against the rules of the game, not just any player, a 6’8″, 250 pound athlete who sometimes looks more like a soccer player than a basketball player.

People feel the need to defend James because he is the best, but flopping is ruining the game of basketball and it seems like players are trying to test the limits of how far they can go with getting away with it.

James shared the worst flop ever with Indiana PacersDavid West in the Eastern Conference Finals. They were both fined $5,000, but it did not receive the proper national attention that it should have by a certain channel that is the “worldwide leader in sports.”

James is having one of his best seasons statistically and won enough games to be considered dominant, but his moments of flopping will taint him as an all-time great and may even become what he is eventually remembered for.

Call the idea crazy, but do any fans recall Michael Jordan flopping so many times? Larry Bird? Magic Johnson?

It really takes away from his character, and Heat fans use excuses to defend James’ flopping. If any is objective toward James, they are a “hater” or are clueless writers.

Again: James is the best player in the NBA.

Fans need to admit the James’ flops are becoming over the top and are becoming what he is known for. James’ legacy will still be great, but this will only add to negative thoughts of his character and way of playing if he continues to flop.

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