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2013 NBA Draft Prospect: Trey Burke

Trey Burke

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan’s Trey Burke was one of the best players in college basketball last year.

He averaged about 19 points per game, racking up 727 total points last season.

So why is Burke’s stock falling?

This is the NBA, there is no shying away from size. Burke stands at 6’0″ and is also only 190 pounds. There are plenty of guards who only stand at 6’0″, but were also dominant players before they were drafted, whereas Burke was great, but in no ways dominant in his college career.

In the NBA, defense is still a crucial aspect of the game, and Burke is really just an average defender and not flashy by any means.

No argument, Burke is the best prospect at point guard in the 2013 NBA Draft, but there is so much depth elsewhere in the draft that the point guard prospects appear to be on the back burner. There are a ton of big men and off-guards in this draft that overshadow guys like Burke.

Draft range: picks no. 8-13

It is hard to believe, but Burke’s once top-five status is now all but gone. Some analysts believe still could drafted that high, but things are looking “too up” for Burke.

Draft Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks

Burke has a chance to fall in the draft, or a team will trade up to try and steal him. That team may be the Bucks, with the chance they may lose restricted free agent Brandon Jennings.

This is obviously a must-need selection if the Bucks do lose Jennings; however, if that does happen, a lot of pressure will be put on Burke to be the starter.

Overall Prospect Grade: B+




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