Boston Celtics Flashback: Glen Davis Draft Selection

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Glen Davis
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Another great draft pick by the Boston Celtics was the selection of Glen Davis over five seasons ago. He was a highly regarded high school prospect who seemed destined for either basketball or football. He ultimately chose basketball and accepted a full scholarship to play at LSU. He was a beast in college and was simply too big and strong for defenders to guard him. Having said that, he had a number of deficiencies that were working against him during his college days that subsequently hurt his draft stock. His athletic ability was not one of his strong suits, and a number of teams questioned his ability to play above the rim at the next level. He also struggled moving laterally, another issue that worried teams. Celtics GM Danny Ainge knew, however, that Davis could play and made sure he selected him by acquiring his rights the night of the draft. His game was NBA ready and didn’t have a long learning curve like younger prospects normally have.

The Davis selection was another shrewd move by Ainge. As we have discussed over the course of this year, when you pick in the second round, you look for a guy that could hopefully make your rotation because of a certain skill. Davis fit that description like a glove and has now become a more than viable starter for the Orlando Magic. He still has his flaws, but he has turned into a very nice player at the professional level.

Davis was another key piece acquired by Ainge during his tenure with the Celtics.


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