Dominant Game 7 Win Gives Miami Heat the Momentum to Win 2013 NBA Finals

By Taylor Sturm
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers by 23 points in game seven of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals. Miami played its best basketball of the postseason in the most important game of the postseason because everything was on the line. To the Heat, a season that does not end with an NBA championship will not be a successful season.

The San Antonio Spurs would have had a better chance at winning the 2013 NBA Finals if Miami had swept the Pacers. The Heat are the type of team who would have bounced into the NBA Finals off of a sweep full of overconfidence, but Indiana gave them a reality check.

Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade know what is at stake now. They almost went home; they would have already been home if not for a last-second layup by James earlier in the series. This makes them more dangerous than they have been all season.

The Spurs are not pushovers. Many say that they are old, but the way they handled all of their opponents in the Western Conference, which is significantly stronger than the Eastern Conference, shows that experience and talent goes a long way in the NBA.

Both teams will fight hard because both teams wish to silence many of their critics. However, the Heat have far too much talent and are finally playing like the great team that they are supposed to be. If the Heat win the 2013 NBA Finals, they will look back on their series with the Pacers and the game seven win as the turning point that led to their victory.

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