Have Miami Heat Finally Reached 'Super Team' Status?

By Taylor Sturm
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat completely outclassed a lackluster Indiana Pacers squad in game seven of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals to make it to the 2013 NBA Finals. With Miami on the way to its third consecutive NBA Finals appearance, it raises the question of whether or not they can be considered one of the greatest NBA teams of all time.

The Heat are a great NBA team, but they have not reached “Super Team” status yet. They have the best player in the game right now in LeBron James, but, unlike last year, the Heat look like they are relying on James rather than the team. Chris Bosh has not been playing at his best, and Dwayne Wade has shown flashes of greatness (like his play in game seven) but is clearly not 100 percent. Their bench is sporadic at times and, besides Norris Cole, seems to only be able to chip in a little bit.

If the Heat win their Finals matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, then they will take the first step on the path to being considered a “Super Team.” Two NBA Finals in two seasons is a major accomplishment in an NBA that continues to increase in athleticism and talent year after year.

Miami is an elite team, but it may be another offseason before they become the “Super Team” that they so desperately want to be. When Bosh gets back to form and Wade starts playing at the top of his game, the Heat can take the first step on the path to becoming one of the best teams in NBA history.

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