Indiana Pacers Rumors: Paul George Hoping For Max Contract This Summer, And Rightfully So

By Paul Seaver
Pat Lovell-USA Today Sports

While everything appears good in Indiana, there are still some key decisions that need to be made following the team’s elimination from the playoffs on Monday night.

The off-season has arrived for the Indiana Pacers are there are three notable names that need to be dealt with.

First, what to do with Danny Granger, who is under contract for one more season. Should the Pacers open up the door and trade him to free cap space? That might be the best option, especially following the late season emergence of both Lance Stephenson and Paul George.

Then of course is free agent power forward David West, who albeit would love to stay a Pacer, still needs to be signed.

However, let’s go back to George because in a matter of weeks, he has become the name that Indiana is being most familiarized with. George is eyeballing a max contract extension this summer and rightfully so. George is playing his best basketball of his career and he’s only 23 years old. With that being said, he’s eligible for a max contract extension this off-season and if the Pacers choose not to sign him, he will become a restricted free agent in the summer of 2014.

Indiana needs to make George the top priority because all things aside, he has clearly emerged as the face and future of this Pacers’ franchise. Don’t hesitate Indiana, sign this man now — you have an up and coming superstar on your hands.


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