Miami Heat Set To Face San Antonio Spurs In NBA Finals

By Jared Doyle
Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

With the Miami Heat dismantling the Indiana Pacers on Monday night to claim the Eastern Conference crown, only one team stands in there way now of a repeat championship: the San Antonio Spurs.

This has been a match-up that many are having a hard time picturing. These two teams have never really played each other at full force since the formation of the Heat’s Big Three. During these teams’ two match-ups this season, both games were absent of many key players. The Heat, however, won both games, but this is hardly a precursor to how this series could unfold.

With both teams stacked in terms of talent, the match-ups presented from both teams’ perspectives are going to be very interesting. Not only do both squads have deep benches, but also multiple starters they can go to in crunch time.

Both teams also have one individual player that could be the “x” factor in determining the series. For the Heat, it has to be Dwayne Wade. If Wade is still struggling like he did in the Pacers series against the Spurs, the Heat will have a very hard time getting their offense flowing against a similarly tough defense.

This could also be said of Spurs guard Manu Ginobili. Although Ginobili didn’t struggle as much through the post-season as Wade, he still hasn’t been putting up the numbers offensively that he used to when the Spurs won multiple championships a few years ago. This could be an issue for the Spurs, who rely on a lot on Tony Parker and Ginobili to get the offense started.

This will be an epic NBA Finals match-up; there is no doubt about it. This could either be a huge redemption for LeBron James after being swept by the Spurs in 2007, or the unraveling of one of the greatest teams ever constructed.

What I think it really comes down to is who has the best player, and that is the Heat. The Spurs will not deny James again.


Prediction: Miami Heat in six

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