Should the Miami Heat Accept Chris Bosh’s Apology?

By Taylor Sturm
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh apologized to the Miami Heat for his poor recent performance in the 2013 NBA Playoffs as he has been struggling to score points for a while. His rebounding has remained consistent, but his scoring, especially his ability to shoot from range, is really what sets him apart from other NBA players at his position.

The Heat should accept his apology. Bosh knows he has not been playing as well as he should be, and he knows he has been letting his team down. He did not make excuses like many other players would. By putting it on himself to improve and play better throughout the rest of the Playoffs, Bosh showed maturity and commitment to the team.

However, Miami should expect Bosh to step it up in the 2013 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. The apology was great and all, but what they really need to see is results. Bosh has to start producing like he is a member of the “Big Three”, not just another player on the team. The Spurs are not going to get beaten by a team that is all LeBron James for 40 points a game while everyone else plays defense. Miami needs both Dwyane Wade and Bosh to step it up – especially Bosh.

Bosh opens the floor for the rest of the team to be successful. He is both an outside threat as well as a threat down low, and it creates tough matchups for the player that is assigned to defend him for the game. Bosh will start showing improvement in the upcoming NBA Finals, but just how much improvement could determine the difference between Miami winning a consecutive NBA championship and the Spurs stealing it away.

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