Utah Jazz Shouldn't Bring Back Jerry Sloan

By Andy Schmidt
Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

There are some things about sports that boggle my mind. It looks like one of those things is happening with the Utah Jazz, who are in contact with Jerry Sloan to bring him back to the organization. It feels like the team is trying to revisit their past with Sloan; in all honesty, I don’t think it is the greatest idea.

Sloan is 71 years old now; what is he going to do? Would he become the team’s head coach again if Tyrone Corbin doesn’t work out this coming season? I don’t see that happening because he was the coach there for a very long time. It has seemed to me that Sloan likes flirting with the idea of returning to the NBA and then decides he isn’t in the perfect situation for him. The only place he wants to be is in Utah, and that is very obvious now.

The Jazz are obviously going to have to rebuild this coming season with all the free agents they currently have, so maybe Sloan works for this offseason only, but if I’m Corbin, I don’t want him around. You would always have the man you took over for looking over your shoulder, watching your every move. That is very uncomfortable to say the least. The time has come for Sloan to go off into the sunset and leave coming back to the game behind. Utah should be looking for a better option outside of Sloan and the organization itself to rebuild. The Jazz don’t need that distraction around as they attempt to get back to the playoffs.

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