What a 2013 NBA Finals Victory Would Mean for the San Antonio Spurs

By Taylor Sturm
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs are old; they will never be able to make it out of the Western Conference Playoffs to the 2013 NBA Finals. The Western Conference is too young and talented for the experience of the Spurs to win out.

Those are the type of criticisms that the Spurs have dealt with since the very beginning of the season. So naturally, they proved everyone wrong.

San Antonio deserves this NBA Finals win over the Miami Heat. They deserve to quietly gain another ring after their outstanding runs have been overshadowed by news from other teams. They deserve another defining moment in their storied history.

Tim Duncan is a great NBA player; more than great, he is an elite NBA player. Manu Ginobili is one of the best players at making game deciding shots in the NBA consistently year after year. There is not a point guard, besides maybe Chris Paul, in the entire NBA that commands his entire team like Tony Parker does. When Parker plays well, the Spurs win; when he plays poorly, San Antonio tends to lose.

The Spurs are a great team, but time takes its toll on all athletes. Time is not something that you can avoid in the professional game. They are getting old, even if their play suggests otherwise. One more NBA championship ring would mean everything to San Antonio, because it would be one last crowning achievement on spectacular careers that will start to slowly wind down.

The Spurs know that this could be the last time they will all play together for a championship, so expect them to have an outstanding series – win or lose.

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