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5 Reasons to Cheer Against LeBron James, Miami Heat in 2013 NBA Finals

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5 Reasons to Root Against LeBron, Heat

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The Miami Heat could easily be considered the hardest team to like in the NBA. They are proven winners, but they fact that it took them three superstars to compete for a title definitely upsets some old-fashioned fans.

If you can't win a title with a solid team and you need three superstars, is it even worth it? It doesn't matter what the answer to that question is because winning a title has the same effect no matter what. Winning is winning no matter how much money you have to spend to do so.

The Los Angeles Lakers tried the same approach this season by adding Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to a team that already had Kobe Bryant. They struggled all season long and were bounced in the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. This just shows that it's not always easy to play with three superstars on one team.

Gelling together and playing as the best team in the league, the Heat finished with the best record and have made their run look relatively easy until last round against the Indiana Pacers. They won nine of their first 10 games in this year's postseason tournament, proving that they won't let pressure get to them.

LeBron James is the most scrutinized player in the league and every wrong move he makes earns a mountain of criticism. When you're the best player in the league, that's what's going to happen.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh round out the cast of the most hated trio in basketball and these two guys have not produced like they need to so far in the late rounds.

Besides the obvious reasons that they may just be too good and the underdog is always fun to root for, here are five reasons to root against the Miami Heat and LeBron James.

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Kings of Complaint

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It's hard to root for a team that complains after every call that doesn't go their way. Foul? Complaint. Travel? Complaint. Out of bounds? Complaint. There comes a time as an opposing fan or even a fan of the Heat when you have to look at the players and say "come on man."

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Flopping Machines

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As this one goes along with the complaining, the Miami Heat have almost mastered the flop. A tiny bump and they go flying across the floor. This just gets annoying and I think every non-Heat fan can agree.

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They're Very Hard to Like

hard to like
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To like a team that has three of the best players in the league is like saying you like every team who has ever won a title. Sure, you can like a team, but to like them for the sole reason that they're good is a bit much. That is why I believe they are so hard to like.

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Could Be Last Year We See Dominant Spurs

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It's been a great run for the Spurs and it will be hard to see such a great team fizzle away -- if, in fact, they don't add more pieces after Duncan and Popovich retire. It would be hard to believe that the Spurs will be competitive next year as an even older team. Wouldn't you rather see the good guys win?

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NBA Villains

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LeBron and the Heat are easily the villains in the NBA. They win, win too much and are cocky when they do. This is the exact formula of a villain if I've ever heard one -- and nobody likes a villain.