Karl Malone Again Leaving Michael Jordan Off All-Time List is Laughable

By Jeric Griffin
Wikimedia Commons

Almost exactly one year after he appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and dissed Michael Jordan, Karl Malone once again disrespected His Airness on Monday. After discussing LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals, Malone was then asked for his all-time starting five and he left off Jordan just like he did in June of 2012. But is anyone really surprised?

Former players who try to cook up stuff like this well after they’ve retired are common…and annoying. Jordan’s Chicago Bulls tortured Malone’s Utah Jazz in back-to-back Finals meetings in the late 1990s and MJ was the primary reason Malone never won a title. Clearly the Mailman is just a sore loser and is taking out his frustration on Jordan…15 years later.

Get over it, dude!

In case you’re wondering, Malone’s all-time starting five are John Stockton (big shocker there), Oscar Robertson, Scott Pippen, LeBron and Wilt Chamberlain. His reasoning for picking Pippen over Jordan is the most comical part:

“Scottie Pippen led the team in every statistical category while he was there without Michael Jordan. That’s why I have to put him there. So now you know.”

Really, Karl? That’s the same thing you said a year ago, so we actually knew then.

Malone listed James as his power forward, although he technically plays small forward 90 percent of the time. Maybe this is just Malone’s way of likening himself to the King.

Most things in sports are opinions, but Jordan is the best player to ever touch a basketball and leaving him off any all-time list is simply absurd. Basketball is over for you, Karl. Time to move one.

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