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Miami Heat: 5 Keys to Winning 2013 NBA Finals

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5 Keys to Miami Heat Victory in 2013 NBA Finals

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The Miami Heat have been the best team in the NBA for the past two seasons and they have extended that into the 2013 playoffs to lead them to the NBA Finals.

Being in the Finals for the third consecutive seasons will come with pressure as well as a sign of things to come. If the big three stay together longer than people are estimating, they will become an NBA dynasty and join the likes of the Spurs that they are facing along with various other successful teams from the past.

The Heat's victory is based on whether they can silence the critics that still follow them around and win again, or succumb to the pressure and crumble.

I am going to look at five keys for the Heat in order to repeat.

Sure, they are playing well enough that they won two of their three series in less than six games and made it look easy, but it was their flaws that were exposed in their recent seven-game series with the Indiana Pacers that has many people worried. They looked solid in their wins, but had glaring inconsistencies in their losses.

As with any team, the Heat have a lot to improve on before they can call themselves NBA champions once again, but for now, they are the reigning champs.

Facing the veteran San Antonio Spurs with all of the experience in the world is a tall task, but if anyone can accomplish it, it's these Heat who had the best record in the NBA this season.

While they have made three straight NBA Finals, the Heat are far from guaranteed a victory. Here are five keys to becoming victorious once again in the Finals.

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Chris Bosh Needs to be a Man

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Averaging 12.3 points and 6.6 rebounds may not seem like a poor stat line, but Chris Bosh had an almost embarrassing showing in the Eastern Conference Finals. The All Star averaged just 11.0 points and 4.3 rebounds in the conference finals and he looked flat-out bad. He was dominated by Roy Hibbert on a nightly basis. Tim Duncan isn't going to go easy on him, either.

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Heat Need to Feed Off Birdman's Energy

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Chris Andersen, or the "Birdman", is a high-energy type of guy. He can come in off the bench and provide a solid defensive presence along with another offensive threat. When he comes in the game, the Heat feed off his energy and play at a high level. They will need to do so all series long against the Spurs.

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Get the Ball in LeBron's Hands

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Leading the team in the three most important categories, James' 26.2 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game in the playoffs has been clutch. He has taken over this team and essentially put them on his back. He needs the ball in his hands for this team to be at it's best.

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Wade Needs to Get Hot

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Dwyane Wade has been slightly off in the 2013 playoffs. He has seen his average in the regular season drop three points from his career average and in the playoffs, it has dropped an additional seven points per game. He has been non-existent it seems and the Heat will need him to be a superstar once again.

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Realizing They Are the Best

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While they are playing one of the best teams in the NBA in the Spurs, the Miami Heat are the best team in the league. They need to realize this before they become complacent and become intimidated by the more experienced team.