Miami Heat Should Entertain Notion of Trading Chris Bosh This Offseason

By Cody Williams
Chris Bosh Miami Heat trade
Douglas Jones – USA Today Sports Images

The Miami Heat are headed to the NBA Finals for the third consecutive season, just like almost everyone expected them to. However, they didn’t get there with the ease that many expected, as the Chicago Bulls gave them a fight in the second round of the playoffs and the Indiana Pacers took them all the way to Monday night’s game 7.

Even if the Heat win their second championship in as many years, it’s clear that this won’t be the same Miami team going forward. The Big Three aren’t as they were when LeBron James and Chris Bosh first arrived to join Dwyane Wade in South Beach. While LeBron has developed into a basketball cyborg sent to destroy all opponents, Wade has started to slow with age and Bosh isn’t worth the near $20 million that he’s making, to the Heat at least.

Wade is too much of a staple with this Heat team and doesn’t have enough projected value for the future, especially with his recent injury history, to really consider trading. However, Bosh still has elite skills, has remained healthy and could conceivably be worth his contract to the right team. Given that, the Heat should look to see what kind of value they could get for Bosh on the trade market this offseason.

One option that was discussed on the B.S. Report by Brian Windhorst and Bill Simmons was a deal between the Heat and Sacramento Kings that would exchange Bosh for DeMarcus Cousins and possibly some other fodder. This would give the Kings an established star and consummate professional while also getting the Heat a highly talented and young big man. Cousins would also finally be put in a situation where he could succeed and mature in the NBA.

Another trade that was brought up on Twitter by Arturo Galletti of The Wages of Wins Journal was a deal that would send Bosh to the Denver Nuggets for JaVale McGee, Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler. This would help clean up the Nuggets roster and develop their rotation more definitively and would inject talent and youth into this Miami team.

Some other options would be to talk with the Minnesota Timberwolves and see if they would be willing to budge on a deal that would land the Heat’s Kevin Love for Bosh in some sort of package. Miami could also talk with a team like the Portland Trail Blazers and see if they would be willing to negotiate a Bosh-LaMarcus Aldridge trade.

It’s not absolutely vital that the Heat trade Bosh as he’s still an effective player in this league, despite his final four games of the Eastern Conference Finals. However, in the interest of maximizing their potential with LeBron and the declining play of Wade, the Heat definitely need to consider and should look into what their options would be if they were to trade Bosh after this season.

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