2013 NBA Draft: Is Victor Oladipo the Right Pick for Orlando Magic?

By Christian Tamayo
Victor Oladipo
James Southerland-USA TODAY Sports

University of Indiana’s Victor Oladipo has made some of the biggest improvements to his game out of the prospects in this year’s draft class. Initially making a name for himself as a high-energy, defensive specialist he has dramatically improved his efficiency on the offensive end of the floor. This is the type of player that the Orlando Magic must be paying attention as they rebuild.

Measuring at 6’4″ and 215 pounds with a 6’9″ wingspan, he has the size and athleticism to match-up with anyone in the NBA. It’s also worth noting that he’s in the minority of young players who not only excel defensively but also revel in being a defensive force.

Again, from a defensive standpoint, Oladipo can step onto an NBA court and shut down opponents right now. The part that would justify taking him at number two overall is his potential offensively. He made great strides from a year ago offensively, but he was still very effective while developing his jump shot. He gets to the rim almost at will, and he’s very active off the ball. Oladipo is right up there with Nerlens Noel in terms of the excitement their games can bring to their team.

At the bare minimum, Orlando could be getting a player like Tony Allen in Oladipo. You wonder if that is worth a number two pick, but we’ve seen countless lottery picks bust in recent years and at least you know effort and energy will never be questions in Oladipo’s game. With young players like Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic emerging offensively, Orlando can roll the dice on Oladipo developing into a more complete player. For now, the Magic could definitely use a defensive player of his caliber and a player whose enthusiasm for all aspects of the game is infectious for his teammates.


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