Brooklyn Nets Targeting Smart Choices in Search for Head Coach

By Cody Williams
Brian Shaw Brooklyn Nets
Nelson Chenault – USA Today Sports Images

The Brooklyn Nets may be one of the most problematic NBA teams to have home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs that we have ever seen. There’s a reason that they were upset by the Chicago Bulls in the first round and disappointed he majority of their fan base: they simply failed to meet expectations.

With three stars like Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez on their team, there’s no way that the Nets should have been as inconsistent as they were this past season. They should have been competing with the Miami Heat in the second round, but instead they were defeated in a Game 7 in Brooklyn.

One of their biggest issues this past season was their complacency and their lack of toughness. With the exception of Lopez for the most part, this team seemed to lack the edge that it takes to be a successful team in this league. That’s a problem that the Nets are trying to address this offseason, which is evident in the guys they are targeting in their head coaching search.

Reports earlier this week suggested that the Nets expressed interest in speaking to Lionel Hollins, the tough, defensive-minded coach of the Memphis Grizzlies. Though there are reports now that they were denied permission to speak to Hollins, the fact that they wanted to talk to him shows that Brooklyn is in the right mindset for this coaching search.

As of right now, the leading candidate for the job in Brooklyn is current Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw, who also coached under Phil Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers. Shaw is another tough-minded coach that the Nets would greatly benefit from by adopting his schemes and mentality.

Nothing is certain at this point for the Nets as they are still in preliminary talks with all of their targets, but Brooklyn fans have to be pleased with the names that are being thrown around. This Nets team has a ton of talent and enormous potential, and it just seems like they need the right guy at the helm to coerce it all out of them.

As of right now, the Nets seem to be going after the right guys.

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