Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry Couldn't See Himself Elsewhere

By Ryan Heckman


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

While the Golden State Warriors did not contend as long as they had hoped to in the 2013 NBA Playoffs, they sure went further than many anticipated at the start of the season. The biggest reason for their success was without a doubt the play of point guard Stephen Curry.

The Davidson product captured fans’ attention real quickly this year with his ability to score with the best of them. At times he felt as if he could pull up from anywhere on the floor, even off-balanced, and knock down his shot. He proved that especially against his career-best game against the New York Knicks, scoring 54 points at Madison Square Garden.

With a back court like Curry and his teammate Klay Thompson, head coach Mark Jackson doesn’t sound so crazy calling them the best shooting back court in the history of the game. They will only get better and should contend at an even more competitive rate over the next few years.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Curry recently was quoted saying, “I know that not many players play their whole career for one team in one city. I don’t see a better place to play.”

Curry is right. Few can play for one franchise their entire career like Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant have done this generation. He will turn himself into a legend real quickly if he can embrace his city and show the kind of loyalty that is rare to see these days.

I’m sure Curry isn’t the only one hoping he stays in Golden State for the duration of his career – his fans multiplied in 2013 at an exponential rate. By the time his current contract is up, Curry will be 29 years old and at that point the team could look completely different.

With a couple of bad contracts yet to get rid of, the Warriors could have added even more talent by then making even tougher for Curry to walk away. For the sake of his recent sentiments and Warriors fans everywhere, let’s hope that turns out to be the case.

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