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Top 5 Floppers in the 2013 NBA Finals

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Top 5 Floppers Flailing for a Ring

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Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It just means that people – or players – have to find clever ways to get away with it.

Even with the NBA cracking down on flopping this season, the epidemic continues to run rampant. Teams shamelessly used the tactic all season long to get calls going their way while gaining momentum, putting on a performance that has been painstakingly perfected over the years.

Bodies crumble to the floor and flounder. Arms flail about like the giant inflatable figures towering over used car lots. Unprovoked tears fall to hardwood, forever staining the great game of basketball that was once dominated by real men. Watch a Miami Heat game and you’ll see just what I’m talking about.

The San Antonio Spurs, meanwhile, have never been known as a team that airs on the side of poor sportsmanship. While some teams choose to get their leg up with questionable calls and acting, San Antonio uses smart basketball and chemistry to put points on the board. That, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t a couple Spurs capable of hitting the deck because of a slight breeze.

Flopping is a part of basketball; it always has been and always will be, regardless of the consequences. And the teams that know how to do it without the refs catching on often have the inside track when it comes to being victorious.

When the 2013 NBA Finals tip off, we’ll see a number of flop experts hit the floor as they attempt to give their team the edge. Here’s a look at the top five floppers to watch for when the Heat and Spurs face off.

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5. Chris Bosh

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Despite his standing as a top-tier big man in the NBA, Bosh has always had “cry baby” stamped across his forehead. While he might not flop as often as some of his Miami teammates, Bosh always finds a way to play it off like he was run over by a car whenever he hits the deck. Flailing arms, tears and a severely-bruised ego are all common characteristics of a Bosh flop. Some players know how to act; Bosh just looks like a pitiful pile of pout.

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4. Dwyane Wade

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It’s sad to think that a player with Wade’s talent has to resort to deception to get his way out on the court, but that’s the case. The phenomenal penetrator and scorer for the Heat has had his fair share of ridiculous flops, and the NBA’s new rule on flopping did nothing to deter him from using the tactic. While Wade might not be the worst flopper on the Miami roster, he needs to start utilizing his given talents instead of crashing to the floor whenever an opponent makes contact.

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3. LeBron James

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While James does see the point in flopping, he won’t admit to taking part in it. The game film, however, tells a different story. As part of one of the best flopping teams in the NBA, James has had a knack for taking a tumble at the slightest provocation. He’s always been a big, physical presence out on the court, and often uses that recklessness to get calls going in his direction. James may not be the worst flopper, but his standing as one of the best ballers of all-time makes his partaking in the act all the more pathetic.

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2. Manu Ginobili

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Throughout his NBA career, Ginobili has been known as one of the peskiest defenders in the league. Part of what has made him so great is his ability to hit the hardwood at the slightest bit of contact, and get away with it. However, it has also helped hold him back as a dynamic defender and playmaker. Maybe if Ginobili wasn’t so busy flinging himself to the floor, he wouldn’t spend so much time nursing injuries. I guess that’s what happens when you intentionally cause harm to your own body.

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1. Shane Battier

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I was having a hard time deciding who would top the flopping list between Battier and Ginobili, but I figured I’d give the crown to the player hailing from the team that thrives on the flop. Battier is one of the greatest actors in the NBA, and finds ways to get calls to go his way time and time again while flailing around like a fish out of water. He may not be the Heat’s marquee player, but Battier could teach James and Wade a thing or two about flopping.

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