Brooklyn Nets Need George Karl On Radar Just In Case

By Mike B. Ruiz
Chris Humphreys-USA Today Sports

It’s always best to keep your options open.

You would think that philosophy would hold just as true when it comes to the grueling search for a new head coach that the Brooklyn Nets are enwrapping themselves in this summer.

However, the organization’s reported lack of interest in the highly-touted and established talent that is George Karl — who parted ways with the Denver Nuggets on Thursday — signifies just the opposite mindset within their front office.

For their sake, they better hope that doesn’t come back to bite them.

Let’s be clear, though, Brooklyn has displayed exquisite taste by reaching out to Phil Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

And despite apparently being shot down by the Memphis Grizzlies after requesting permission to speak with Lionel Hollins, he is certainly far from being a member of the Reject Coaches Club after leading the franchise to their first ever conference finals this season.

Projected by many, including the legendary Jackson, to have an extremely bright future as a head coach in this league, Indiana Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw now appears to be separating himself from the pack as the frontrunner for the Nets gig.

But what if Shaw lands somewhere else, instead?

What if Van Gundy, Hollins or any other names that have been potentially linked to this opening don’t end up on Brooklyn’s sideline, either?

Although it’s debatable which man is the hottest commodity amongst active free agent head coaches right now, Hollins or Karl, there is no doubt whatsoever that Karl still finds himself in that discussion.

So if the Nets don’t want to be left looking the fool, forced to reluctantly settle on someone they never really wanted because their top options fell through, they better at least give Karl a ring as soon as possible.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt them.

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